HSE Policy

Javid Energy Parto, as one of the subsidiaries of Pasargad Energy Development Company (PEDC), operating in the field of refinery and petrochemical complex establishment and management, and other oil, gas, and petrochemical activities, declares its commitment to responsibly preserve the environment, create a safe and healthy work environment for employees, suppliers, customers, and other stakeholders, in alignment with the mission of Pasargad Energy Development Holding Company, and pursue the development of the company’s credibility and interests, and sustainable development. We prioritize the following principles:
We value human life and health above all and manage risks accordingly.
We enforce compliance with laws and set higher standards for ourselves, suppliers, and contractors.
We aim for continuous improvement of processes and strive to develop a proactive HSE culture and environment.
We facilitate transparent assessment and reporting of accidents, illnesses, and environmental incidents.
We involve stakeholders in our decisions and encourage employee participation.
We strive to enhance employee awareness of HSE threats and opportunities through education and training.
We emphasize the impact of employee HSE performance on the organizational reward and ranking system.
We emphasize comprehensive risk management, rapid and effective response to emergencies, crisis resilience, and non-operational defense principles in all activities, business areas, and locations.
We exert greater efforts to protect the environment, preserve biodiversity and ecosystems, with a focus on preventing environmental pollution in our projects.
I firmly believe in the principles outlined in this policy and expect all colleagues at every level to diligently adhere to these principles in order to facilitate their realization. Furthermore, the HSEQ management, with full authority, is responsible for planning, developing, and improving the HSE management of Javid Energy Parto Company. They are obligated to oversee and control all processes and continuously report the results and progress to me.”

Mohammad Rezaei
Managing director