Social Responsibility

Our commitment to society and the environment is a multidimensional concept at JEPCO. As a prominent industrial company, we recognize and embrace our social responsibilities as we pursue our business endeavors. Across all JEPCO offices and project site , the management team places utmost importance on health, safety, and environmental (HSE) practices.  Like many other respected organizations, JEPCO is committed to fulfilling its social responsibilities in line with established rules and principles.

JEPCO has consistently adhered to legal, ethical, cultural, political, and economic considerations, and has strived to expand the domain of its stakeholders while also managing the satisfaction of all stakeholders by fulfilling their logical demands. Recognizing the importance of satisfying various social groups, including media representatives, social activists, employees, suppliers, customers, shareholders we have implemented a system to measure stakeholder satisfaction and analyze areas for improvement within JEPCO