Sustainable Development

JEPCO General Policies for Sustainable Development

At Javid Energy Parto Company, as a member of the vast family of the Pasargad Energy Development Company (PEDC), a major player in the energy sector in Iran, we are committed to striving for the creation of a sustainable and long-term value chain for our colleagues, stakeholders, and society, in which the preservation and respect for the environment as a common human legacy is our perpetual priority. Aligned with the group, we are committed to developing sustainable infrastructures in the country’s energy industry to meet the energy needs of society, ensuring universal access to sustainable and greener energy.

In all our strategic statements, we emphasize sustainable development and accept it as a vital principle, to which we are committed. Our company’s values form the foundation of our approach to sustainable development, the ultimate goal of which is to achieve economic development and contribute to the sustainable energy cycle, as well as comprehensive efforts towards health development, safety at work, environmental protection, and preservation of human dignity.

We have declared in our organizational mission in the field of health, safety, and environmental management that we will responsibly strive to preserve the environment and commit to creating a safe and healthy work environment for employees, suppliers, customers, and other stakeholders, in line with the holding company’s mission, and we will act accordingly in the path of sustainable development.
Additionally, in our company’s general direction, goals, and plans, we also take serious consideration of alignment with the ultimate goals in the field of sustainable development. We have also embodied the elements of sustainability in our company’s slogan “Together for Energy and the Environment”.