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Energy & Environment

Who We Are

At JEPCO, we're pioneers in oil and gas, driving progress with innovation and reliability. Our focus is on sustainable energy solutions, safety, and community impact. Join us in shaping a brighter future today.



At JEPCO, we lead with innovation in grand projects—from pioneering exploration to transformative technologies, strategic infrastructure, and impactful community initiatives.


We are pleased to announce JEPCO’s significant project in Qeshm. This endeavor underscores our commitment to global energy excellence through the application of advanced technologies and sustainable practices. Our focus extends beyond mere economic impact to include environmental stewardship, reflecting our dedication to positive, lasting contributions. JRPCO is honored to contribute to the prosperity of the Qeshm community, epitomizing a future where energy, innovation, and sustainability converge.


At JEPCO, sustainability is not just a goal; it’s our commitment. Through eco-friendly practices, investment in renewables, and responsible resource management, we actively shape a greener future. Our dedication goes beyond compliance, driving innovation for a sustainable energy landscape that respects and preserves our planet